Privacy protection,
a new hype?


Partner Cyber Security
at BDO Advisory

None of us can have failed to notice how the protection of our privacy is centre stage at the moment – be it the Facebook and Cambridge Analytica scandal or, for example, new government legislation on phone taps. But privacy is not only something you and I have to worry about as private individuals. This month, the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation comes into effect and, like it or not, GDPR has implications for all organisations and businesses, what ever they do.

Privacy-sensitive data is everywhere. I’m not sure the implications had really sunk in until I started thinking about just how many formal and informal memberships I have signed up to, from professional communities to health apps; sometimes I even believe my Smart Scale knows more about me than I do. I realise my own privacy, and probably yours as well, depends on proper data protection by numerous organisations, from the online grocery delivery shop to the tax office. But do these organisations really protect our personal data? Do they all comply with GDPR?

This BDO Special Edition is to help you understand what is needed to comply with GDPR and to protect your customers and staff personal data. After all, this is what your customers and employees expect: the proper protection of the personal data they have shared with you plus clarity about how you are going to use this data, who you share it with and why. Within BDO we have assessed our services for processing personal data, trained our staff, updated our agreements and taken other measures to implement GDPR.

The protection of our privacy is not the next new hype – we were always entitled to proper protection of the personal data we shared with other organisations. What this new legislation does is help us to encourage those organisations to really take privacy seriously and make that right a reality, at a time when more and more information is shared online.

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Partner Cyber Security at BDO Advisory