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You’ve probably been dealing with digital transformation for years, one way or another. This is only logical, because who doesn’t want to make the most of the current technology? Digital transformation is critical, not only for multinationals and big consumer brands but also for SMEs and the public sector. So the big question is really where to find the biggest opportunities for your organisation. Where should you play your bets? What are the risks? How can you digitise your organisation and your processes while remaining open for business? And, last but not least, how do you get your employees involved?

Digital transformation has already transformed many sectors, where new players with different business models are setting the pace. This is just the beginning. Technology has ever more possibilities and applications, from data analysis and cloud computing to the Internet of Things (IoT), robotics and artificial intelligence. This doesn’t mean that digital transformation will directly cause profound disruption in every sector. A lot of innovations advance imperceptibly, in baby steps. But when properly carried out, digital transformation always offers enormous opportunities: greater efficiency, higher output and a healthier return, whatever your business.

This special BDO publication gives you a chance to discover how companies including Vopak, Arcadis, Microsoft and OHRA are dealing with digital transformation. Petri Hofsté, a member of the supervisory board at Rabobank group, Fugro, Achmea and Kas Bank, talks about the ideal role the board should play in a company that is making its digital transformation. Entrepreneur Ali Niknam, founder of internet bank bunq, explains how fully-digital fintech is taking on the big banks. In addition, we set out our own view of these developments and explain the integrated approach that characterises the 'BDO 360 ° framework for digital transformation'.

I hope that our guide inspires you on the way to your own transformation. After all, sitting still isn’t really an option.

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Partner BDO Corporate Clients